Monday, June 09, 2008

Week Eight: Monday

Well, I have hit a new self-esteem low.

I was mocked by a deer. Yes a doe, a deer, a female deer.

Let me explain the situation before you call the police and alert them to the blog written by a paranoid schizophrenic.

I was running my usual route and was surprised not only that there was no group of in shape high school kids playing full contact Frisbee but that there was a loan deer standing in the field. The deer itself did not surprise me, as there is a whatever-you-call-a-large-pack-of-deer in the park. It was that the deer just stood there watching me lumber towards it. I know it is a city deer, but this is what I imagined it (I am guessing it was a female due to the absence of horns, but not being a hunter, and most of my experience with deer is in jerky form, I do not want to state for fact it was female) was thinking:

“What the hell is that hairless bear doing? I don’t need to worry about him. Hell, when he gets close, I will actually walk towards him before running away with little effort and travel further in 6 seconds than that oaf can travel in 2 minutes.”

I am telling you that deer is with his deer buddies making fun of me. It watched me from like 100 to 40 feet away and then it actually walked towards me before running off.

I don’t blame it though. I will just have to try that much harder to impress it.

Ran my 25 minutes with not much trouble. Now that stopping is not really an option due to the shame I will go through on the blog, the real challenge is going to be next week.

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