Saturday, June 07, 2008

Week Seven: Thursday

There is only one thing that can fight the power of gangsta’ runnin’.

The sun and the rain.

That is technically two things so we will lump them both under the Mother Nature category.

The rain bested me on Thursday. I would have toughened up and run in the rain if I hadn’t spent $100 on shoes. OK, $90 on shoes and $10 on fancy running socks. Anyway, I was not about to ruin my investment being a hero and as the song goes, gotta blame it on sumthin’, gotta blame it on sumthin’; Blame it on the Raaaaaiiiin (As sung by the fellas who sang in place of Rob and Fab.)

So another time shift is going on. Thursday is Saturday and I needed to run 25 minutes. I decided to go at noon which is where the sun comes in. The heat is another element that I will need to start dealing with. When it is hot and I am in direct sun running is just even more exhausting which is not really that surprising.

I got through my 25. Tomorrow is Saturday/Sunday and is a 40 minute day. No more of this running at noon garbage. Eventually I will not have a choice and I will deal with it then.

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