Sunday, June 15, 2008

Week Eight: Saturday

It’s Fathers Day and although I feel slightly guilty about it and I would feel better if I ran, I am not doing so today. This marks the end of the 10-week pre-training program. The next 16 weeks are for people who are in shape, which I am very far from. However, I only missed 2 days of the pre-training and although it is going to be a challenge, I am going to try to follow it pretty strictly. I may end up not being able to increase my miles run at the rate that the training program calls for, but some days I will travel the distance required a combination of running and walking. I may also at times run and then walk, but only count the miles I ran until I reach that day’s goal. Which I do will depend on my time and physical condition.

I also will be running some races mixed in during this part as well, which will add a whole new element to this. I just hope that the audience isn't comprised of smoking teenagers.

As you can see, this incident has really gotten to me. I have a feeling that if I need backup the deer have my back.

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Anonymous said...

He is my son. He "WILL" make it ("If" it's the 5K!!!).
"GO Raphael/Stickman".
And... train with your "baby brother" on River Boulevard The "scenery" is outstanding!!!

Su Padre Muy "PROUD", Terrillito