Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Week Nine: Monday

I was really motivated to run since I felt guilty for not running on Father’s Day with my poor excuse that it was Father’s Day considering I am close to Fatherhood but not quite there yet.

The one good thing about not running for time is that I am not constantly tempted to look at my watch and then get discouraged when I do. That being said, I still know the distance that I have to go. I have adapted the route to make a 3 mile course that gives me the option of walking another mile after the run. I want to make sure to have a cool down session afterwards and it also gives me a chance to see how fast I walk so I can get an idea of pacing.

I ran the 3 miles, which felt really good. Not the running part. That sucked. The accomplishment part was the good part. I also timed the run and it took 31.5 minutes. That is pretty close to 10 minute miles, which if I haven’t mentioned before, is my goal only because it is easily divided into 60. So are 2, 3, 5, 6 and 12, but if you think that I could even run a mile in 6 minutes you are f’n crazy. 12 is my fall back speed. I then walked a cool down mile and that took me roughly 19 minutes. I say roughly because I was panting in my living room at 51.5 minutes and I have been measuring distance starting from the railroad tracks which are about a minute away.

Let’s play a little math game:
4 miles in 50 minutes = 12.5 minute miles
26.2 mile marathon X 12.5 minute miles = 327.5 minutes for marathon
327.5 minutes/ 60 minute (=1 hour) = 5.45833 hours
.45833 * 60 = 27.49998 minutes

So, I will be able to run the TCM in 5:27 minutes.

I am going to officially stop training. I even have 45 minutes to stop for a beer along the route!

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